Making the World Team!

by Tee Kemp

The economy of 2011.  Horrible right?  What to do?  I shouldn't complain to be quite honest with you.  I have a good 8-5 job that keeps a nice roof over my head and let's me do what I need to, but I was looking for me.  I wanted to find something that I could do for me to help me get off the worrywart walk and back on the happy trail.

The herbalife opportunity came to me as I was web surfing one day.  I saw an add for an BBB A+ Rated work from home opportunity.  "You can't beat that!" I thought.   I sent away for more information and was round about introduced to the herbalife opportunity.  I didn't know anyone else in this business and being into holistic based treatments as a massuse and Reiki practitioner on the side I thought this would be a nice addition.

I came in to the organization as a I make the right decision?  I was almost ready to kick myself when I decided to go into my room where all my products were organized and give them a little reiki energy of their own!  "Someone out there is looking for you!  Find your way home!" that's what I told my products.  One-by-one my products started to depart and find their way to their new homes.  I blessed each one as it left.  My father battled horrible indigestion...the herbal aloe digestive products brought him a lot of relief!  I saw orders for more of that shortly thereafter.  Before I knew it a month had gone by and I had broke even.  PHEW!

Now that the stress was over I was going to start marketing.  The organization I came into wanted me to buy leads and pay alot for a back office...I opted out of that.  I didn't want to sell the idea to other people, I just wanted to sell the products.  I looked into website building, google tools, twitter accounts, facebook pages, etc.  When I stumbled on HNN I knew this was a great answer for what I wanted to do.

I came into Herbalife on Dec 2011 - By April 2012 I made the World Team! yes

If I can do this business (I absolutely am NOT a sales person or a fan of sales) than ANYONE can do it!

If you feel the same and just want some encouragement to get started, please let me know.

Email me at:
[email protected] or follow the instructions on my home page at:

Do I still work my FT job? Yes, I do... I got a nice raise that I couldn't turn down, but my herbalife sales are a GREAT extra income!

In light!
Posted by on Friday 17 August 2012

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