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Today, supermarket shelves are packed with foods that call to dieters with the words "FAT FREE." But as conscientious weight watchers load their shopping carts with fat-free foods week after week, many discover this alarming fact: Their weight is going up!


Since the fat-free craze began in recent years, statistics show we've actually grown fatter rather than thinner. Although we've been taught to think of fat as the culprit in the weight-loss battle, it isn't the only one. That's because a food that's fat free isn't necessarily calorie free. Many fat-free foods are actually very high in sugar and carbohydrate calories. And these calories, when eaten in excess, convert into the one thing we've been taught to avoid: fat.

Lose the fat from your body, not your diet. Ironically, to burn fat and lose weight, you need a certain amount of "good fat." That's why Herbalife Weight-Management Programs stresses the importance of a well-balanced diet that includes enough good fats-like those found in fish and olive oil-along with Herbalife's highly nutritious meal replacement shakes and snacks.

By avoiding the fat-free craze and giving your body the complete nourishment it needs with Herbalife's Cellular Nutrition supplements and weight-management products, you'll steadily lose weight and feel healthier as you do it.

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